Today just like IT, Advertising, CA, Architecture and other notable professions, Attractions is also considered as one of the most respected professions. Not many understand what it exactly means, but in layman’s terms, one can rightly say that it is the only profession that can spread happiness. Being able to bring joy to people who are tied up in their mundane life often feels like a magician. People expect it to be one of their most memorable water park visits each time when they decide to take time out to have some fun family time. That’s where the expertise comes into picture. It is at this juncture that people start to realize that attractions industry is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Talking about the perks, attractions player can rightly be credited for the below mentioned positive impact that it creates on the community.

Amusement industry as a whole helps strengthen the community image and the sense of place. It also provides a place for citizens to gather for citywide festivals, as well as public and private events.

This is probably one of the most important advantages of them all. Amusement industry supports the economic development. As substantial income comes from the entertainment and leisure activities, amusement industry contributes the major chunk. It helps draw cash for the community, as it also generates overnight stays along with patronage for restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, etc. It has been observed that people residing in the nearby districts visit state capital only for a visit to temporary fairs. Therefore, an Amusement & Water Park provide an additional attraction to the domestic tourists visiting that particular state.

Apart from above, amusement industry is also responsible for increasing the cultural unity. Amusement Parks as well as water parks from around the world help in uniting culturally diverse communities together for celebration and family fun. It is impossible to think of an alternative for amusement parks and water parks for bringing people together in such large volumes.

Water Parks are known to provide leisure opportunities for one and all regardless of their age, ability or income level. Most of the children in the country are confined to a theoretical academic curriculum which tends to be stereo-typical, monotonous and less receptive. When the education is coupled with entertainment, it brings out the desired results. By visiting the nearby Amusement & Water Park; school children learn to work and enjoy in groups which inculcates team spirit in them. They are taught discipline, patience and tolerance. As during their visit to park they have to wait for their turn, enjoy even while striking against each other and tolerate any discomfort during the visit. That is the reason why a visit to Amusement & Water Park has become a part of school curriculum.

These perks of being an attractions player, fosters the idea of becoming one in anyone and everyone. Along with developing tourism demand at various destinations and creating many positive impacts, the attractions industry brings in a great opportunity from a business point of view as well. To start with, one just needs a strong concept/theme for the park and an area or land to develop it over there. That’s it and you enter in to the beautiful world of attractions industry. Initially starting with a small park is not a bad idea. You can explore your creativity by trying out all permutations and combinations in your theme over there and once it is liked and appreciated by your visitors, you can expand your park on a large scale and create many more happy moments for your visitors.

Arihant Water Park Equipment supplied and installed 12 high thrill slides at Typhoon Water Park in Ha Long, Vietnam.

Typhoon Water Park is considered to be the most modern in South East Asia and forms part of the Sun World Halong Complex. The huge leisure facility incorporates amusement parks and hotels. It consists of two main locations – a beach fun complex and a hill-top amusement complex. Guests move between the two via cable car.

Arihant supplied and installed 12 high thrill slides at the new waterpark which officially opened last month.

The park is divided into three zones – a family zone, a kids zone and a thrill zone.

Arihant supplies 12 custom slides to Sun Group's newly opened Typhoon Waterpark, Vietnam

The range of custom slides includes 2 of Arihant’s signature rides, Bowl N Bowl and the Spider. Other favourites at the new park include the company’s body bowl slide, river slide, body slide and more.

Typhoon Water Park occupies a 20 hectare site. The design has been inspired by world-class parks around the world such as Typhoon Lagoon (USA), Blizzard Beach (Walt Disney, USA) and Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi (UAE).

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Arihant creates themed waterslides for Aquapark Zatoka waterpark, Ukraine

Arihant, a leading manufacturer of water park equipment, has supplied the water rides for Aquapark Zatoka waterpark, Ukraine.

Arihant has taken innovation to the next level, providing conceptualization, theming, manufacturing and installation services.

arihant cobra slide water Aquapark ZatokaThe signature water slides by Arihant were crafted with a snake theme to take the ride experience to another level. A themed water structure, spider slide, body slides, crazy cruise slide are other additions which add to the excitement of the new water park.

arihant cobra slide Aquapark ZatokaFor this project, Arihant have taken innovation to the next level by theming their signature slides like the crusader and bowl slides. The newly themed slides have been a big hit with Aquapark Zatoka’s guests.

Over three decades Arihant has evolved into a one-stop solution for providing comprehensive quality services for 450+ projects across 56 countries.

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Arihant supplies waterslides to Benidorm’s new Robin Hood themed resort



Leading waterparks expert, Arihant Water Park Equipment, has supplied a range of thrill waterslides to Benidorms’ new Magic Robin Hood Sport, Water Park & Medieval Lodge Resort.

Themed on the legendary hero from Sherwood Forest, the 100,000-square-metre resort has been developed by the hotel chain Magic Costa Blanca.

An amalgamation of two existing facilities, it combines the medieval-themed Magic Aqua Excalibur with the neighbouring La Marina sports centre.

Executive Vice President of Magic Costa Blanca, Javier García, said the intention was to ‘design a unique experience of immersion in the legend of the popular character, Robin Hood, configuring a resort with a differentiated and state-of-the-art concept.’

To create the resort’s waterpark, the team collaborated with India’s Arihant Water Park Equipment. Arihant proposed an array of thrill slides to complement the Robin Hood theming and deliver a wide range of ride experiences. The final selection includes a pendulum slide, body bowl slide, crazy cruise wavy slide and high thrill float, alongside a number of family slides.

The resort features a spectacular weekend nighttime show involving over 20 actors that brings the legend of Robin Hood to life. A dozen horses star in the show and have been trained to re-enact medieval games, jousts and tournaments. The whole experience is supported by a team of technical experts and features stunning cinematic special effects.

Designed by Ignacio Brieva, it is performed in 700-square-metre space where the action moves between Nottingham Castle and the Sherwood Forest.

“Magic Robin Hood offers a unique experience for groups and families in an amazing environment with all kinds of facilities,” adds García.

Founded in 1978, Arihant Water Park Equipment has been involved in hundreds of water parks projects around the world. Recent projects include Bulgaria’s biggest water park Neptune, Sun Group’s Typhoon Water Park in Vietnam, Jukupark Turku, Finland and Aquashow in Portugal.


Maintaining your water parks

Screenshot_2Today most of the water park owners make it a point that their parks are well equipped with the latest slides and play structures that are introduced in the market. Often park owners see the installation procedure as the important part. But what they really should focus on is the maintenance of these exciting slides which can invariantly increase their return on investment and continue to reward them handsomely if done right.

Proper maintenance of your water park is the most vital element to extend the life of your water park equipments. Keeping a check of the slide maintenance with appropriate planning can prevent your equipments from losing their luster and patrons over time. Irregular maintenance of your water park slides can cause severe damages to it and over time can decrease the lifespan of your equipment and hamper the safety of your guests.


The best way to keep your slide looking great for years is to start protecting it from day one. Put together a schedule which includes details of ordering parts, organizing labor and planning out important dates for checks. This will allow you to stay organized and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

The maintenance of your water park equipments ensures that:

  • There is no leakage in the slides or equipment.
  • The maintenance also keeps the smoothening of the joint gaps
  • Cleanliness of the surface: When you don’t clean the pool, water slides or any equipment for a month, slime gets developed on the surface of the equipments which makes it a risk-prone factor for your water park. Maintenance helps to keep the surface of your slides and equipments clean, which reduces the chance of anyone accidently slipping and having a fall


The visitors who come to your water park are always looking for leisure, clean and comfortable environment, where they can have a good time with their families without any hassles. No or irregular maintenance at your water park makes it look less organized and end up directing your visitors towards the competitors. To help avoid such a thing from happening, following maintenance points should be focused on to increase the life expectancy of the slides to ensure that your water park is 100% operational –

Steps to be followed on Daily basis:

  1. Check the slide joints for any dirt. Apply joint filling substance if required before letting water into the slides
  2. Check the sliding surfaces for any cracks or elements which would disrupt the ride

Weekly checks:

  1. Clean the strainers which are installed at the entrance of the pump
  2. Control the surface levels, water leakage and the metal construction as the nuts and bolts can loosen by the result of the dynamic loads


  1. Clean the calcification on the riding surfaces
  2. Change the rusty nuts and bolts if any. Control the painted metal construction (for the painted metals)


  1. All the fiberglass components to be checked and cleaned from the dirt, scaling etc
  2. Conduct trials with experienced lifeguards before opening the park to visitors and check for any faults before opening for new season.

We hope that the above mentioned steps come in handy next time when you go about cleaning the slides and play structures. If you have questions about any specific slide or a play structure, kindly mention them in the comments section or write us at and we will be happy to help.

Water Play structures- A must have for any water park

Dreamer Park 3Water Parks are often considered as a place that allows everybody to rejoice regardless of their age. It is more like a universally accepted source of unleashing the inner child in you. Water Parks are often considered as a tangible reflection of the quality of life in a community.  It gives people an opportunity to reinvigorate and refresh the body and mind. It is probably the safest way of them all when it comes to families playing together in water. Now days it is not just the slides that add up to the overall fun quotient, but the water play structure that redefines leisure.

Here is how water play structure is making water parks a lot more fun to be at.

While water slides only last for a few minutes, water play structures allow visitors to spend a lot more time on it. It also lets family members or friends spend fun time together rather than making pairs of twos and waiting to get on the slides. Water play structures are the best way to keep kids occupied for hours. Depending upon the number of platforms, kids will be busy discovering the various areas of the themed play structures. Play structures are equipped with fun rides that are not only fun but are also the easiest to get on to for kids, which encourages them to have a jolly good time.

Usually a water play structure consists of various striking elements. These include kid slides, closed and open body slides and splash roof with tilting buckets. The play areas usually are designed around a particular theme and have miniatures and structures which enhance the fun quotient of the park. The water play structures can be as small a 2-platform structure or can go up to being a 21 platform structure where the platforms act as connectors in the structure. The water activity play structures are coupled with components like water curtains, sprinklers, inverted umbrellas and fountains, sprinklers and water cannons to double the excitement among kids of all ages.

With over 450 projects worldwide, Arihant water park equipment has a forte in designing and theming unique water paly structures. Arihant not just uses the established themes but are also experienced in customizing themes as per the client’s vision and requirements. This gives them the upper hand as opposed to others in the industry.

If you have a theme that you wish to bring it to life then drop in your requirements below and we shall get back to you within 24 hours.

Get your hotel ready for FIFA 2018

Football fever will soon be on the rise yet again with the emergence of the FIFA 2018 World Cup. This time it is Russia that will be the host of this global event.The country has selected 11 cities to be the venues for the matches of the 2018 World Cup and they are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Saransk, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Samara. Approximately a million tourists are expected to turn up within a month.This means that it all comes down to the efficiency and the infrastructure availability to accommodate the guests.And to make this event memorable for them it is highly recommended that you make their stay delightful.

As they say, the sooner the better, it is suggested that this is the perfect time for hoteliers to start preparing for this mega event. FIFA according to us is not just any other sport; it is more like a religion where fans around the globe tune in to witness the grand event. To ensure that the event goes smoothly it takes more than just preparing the stadiums. It requiresa nationwide arrangement which also includesfancy orchestration of hotels to make the guest stay as delightful as possible.

As demanding as it sounds, it might be a nightmare figuring out the exactresources to fulfill the larger than lifeneeds. Enhancing the entertainment quotient with a slide or play structure near the pool is known to hold the guests back and increase footfalls. This is probably the best way to make the ambience more comforting. You can very well turn your pool area into a mini themed water park. Hosting live screening near the pool with slides open all day will attract clients to the hotel and they can enjoy the match even when they are not attending the show.

Guests from all around the world are expected to turn up for FIFA 18 and hence it requires a firm commitment to finish the task on time with very less room for fumbles.Choosing theright water park equipmentmanufacturerthat can get the job done is vital; the one that canfinish the given project way ahead of time will be an ideal choice for such an intensive task.

All of the above does sound like an effort intensive task. But with the right kind of expertise everything will fall in place as planned.If you have any particular theme in mind for FIFA 18, do send in your requirements by clicking on the link below. Arihant is pretty much known to handle suchtasks which are demanding in nature and which requires high level creative inputs.