Top Water Parks in India

As summer approaches, the heat is on the rise and summer vacations are just around the corner. It is that time of the year when one is on the lookout for a refreshing day out to beat the summer heat. It can be inside a mall, a movie cinema or even a coffee shop where one can relax. Basically, all one wants to do is find a place that can protect you against the scorching sun. So how about spending your summer weekend under the sun and still escape the unforgiving heat by soothing your senses?

You guessed it right; we are talking about the thrills and chills of water rides at the most amazing water parks in India.

  1. Water Kingdom (Mumbai):

It is the oldest water park in India. It is not only the biggest water park in India but the biggest water park in Asia as well. It is an ideal place for fun and frolic when it comes to family outings. It is a renowned tourist spot in Mumbai which acts as an ultimate outlet to beat the summer heat.

Popular rides:

What-a-Coaster, Brat zone, Goofers Lagoon, Wetlantic, The Lagoon, and Adventure Amazonia

  1. Adlabs Aquamagica (Mumbai):

It is located on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. It is usually crowded on the weekends as people from both the cities visit the water park to relax and have a jolly good time. Fantastic rides, lip smacking food and fun beyond imagination makeAdlabsAquamagica a perfect place to be at.

Popular rides:

Wacky waves, Floatsa, Pirate Bay, Raftaastic, Swirl Whirl, Loopy Woopy, Boomeranggo, and Zip Zap Zoom

  1. Oysters in Gurgaon:

Popularly referred as AppuGhar, Oysters is located near Leisure Valley, Sector 29. This water park is among the most spectacular water parks in India. The lavish and sprawling entertainment area, with fun and adventurous rides, is a perfect place to get rid of scorching summer blaze.

Popular rides:

Thunderstorm, Lazy River, Skyfall, Rapid Racer, Pirate Station, Oh-My-Gurgaon, and Wave Pool

  1. Fun ‘N’ Food Village (Delhi):

It is one of the best water parks in India. It is located near the Kapashera Border in Delhi.With countlessoptions of water slides and fun rides to choose from, it is certainly a one of a kind entertainment spot in the Capital. This water park is managed by the Polo Group of Companies and is quite a picnic spot in Delhi NCR.

Popular rides: Snow Blasher, Water Mary, Magic Carpet, Lazy River, and Eagle Ride

  1. Wonderla (Bangalore):

It is undeniably the most fun-filled water parks in India. It forms an ultimate entertainment stop for children and the youth as its variety caters to both. It has all kinds of rides ranging from dry rides, wet rides, thrill rides and kids rides.

Popular rides:

  • Jungle Lagoon, Lazy River, Harakiri, and Uphill racers.

Now that you are aware of the above water parks, when are you planning to visit the one which is nearest to your location?

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Arihant partners with Hafema

As they say good times just keep on coming, and here we are announcing our new collaborative effort. We are super excited to announce that Arihant Water Park Equipment has now partnered with Hafema Water Ride Systems for providing water rides to water parks in India and SAARC region. Innovation is what brings us together. Striving to keep up with the creativity and to help bring out the much needed character for each and every Water Park is something that binds us together.

Speaking of Hafema, below mentioned are the six UP’s that Hafema is known for

  1. Authentic: Hafema indulges in technology that stimulates real whitewater flow conditions making it realistic and full of action
  1. Automatic: Our patented conveyer belt helps in maintaining and controlling the distance between the boats automatically
  1. Accuracy: This automated mechanism helps in controlling the travel times accurately
  1. Safety: Hafema water rides are known to meet the highest quality standards as only durable and high quality materials are used in the manufacturing process.
  1. Accessibility: Any and everyone can have safe and easy access. Dry and non-slippery platform makes it easier for people of all age groups including children, disabled and wheelchair bound to easily come on board.
  1. Affordability: Fun and thrills of highest quality.



Hafema operates globally as a supplier of water rides. Their water rides have captivated people in over 20 theme parks across Germany, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. Founded in 1990 as a mechanical company, Hafema has been supplying equipments to the theme parks around the world. Since 2004 Hafema has specialized in water ride manufacturing. Apart from sales and installation, HAFEMA offers the perfect all-round service – from planning, designing and installation, to technical support and maintenance.


The range of products for which one can partner with Hafema are

  1. Flume Rides
  2. Splash Rides
  3. Mini Raft Rides
  4. Wild Raft Rides

Flume Rides: Just like being on a raging river, the Hafema Flume Ride gives guests the feel of an adventure in the wild.

Hafema’s Flume Ride can be uniquely designed and tailor-made as per the requirements. Whatever option you go for, you can absolutely rely on Hafema quality.

Splash Rides: Experience the thrill of height and speed – the Hafema Splash Ride is an experience in itself: with a speed up to 20 meters per second, it plunges down into the trough with a mad surge of water. There’s yet more action with the Double Splash, which has two spray effects in a row. It’s not only the passengers who are captivated, even the spectators hold their breath!

Mini Raft Rides: Ideal for small parks with limited space: the Mini Raft rides with boats for up to four to six people.

Developed by adopting the same expertise used for the larger raft rides, the Mini Raft Ride offers just as much fun – with extremely low investment and operating costs.

Wild Raft Rides: This is much more than the evolution of the traditional log flume: the Hafema Wild Raft Ride is pure action!

Your guests will enjoy the unique atmosphere of raging rapids. The water torrents are created as a result of the inherent nature of the water course’s construction, with waves being generated solely from intersections, slopes and obstacles. In imitation of the natural environment, the course uses no moving parts: our patented conveyor system, developed in-house, uses a continuously running chain-driven belt as a lifting device, and the boat-separator automatically times the start intervals.

We are looking forward to the long lasting relationship that will only get better with time.

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Top five exhibitions for attractions industry

  1. IAAPA

Founded in 1918, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is the largest international trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities worldwide. The organization represents facility, supplier, and individual members from 99 countries, including professionals from:

  • Amusement parks, theme parks, and attractions
  • Family entertainment centers
  • Museums and science centers
  • Water parks and resorts
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Industry manufacturers and suppliers

IAAPA helps our members improve their efficiency, marketing, safety, and profitability while maintaining the highest possible professional standards in the industry.


  1. EAS

EAS is an all-encompassing destination for leisure and attractions industry professionals, including operators, suppliers, manufacturers, investors, developers, and anyone wishing to engage with the global amusement community. More than 9,000 industry professionals are expected to attend, including:

Amusement and Theme Parks

Water Parks

Family Entertainment Centers and Playgrouds

Zoos and Aquariums

Museums and Science Centers

Attractions and city activities

Hotels, Resorts and Cruiselines


Intellectual Property Owners

Historic/Tourist Attractions

Event, festival and carnival fair organizers


3. AAS

Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) is the largest, most comprehensive trade show in Asia for the amusement parks and attractions industry. It is the only industry trade show in Asia that consistently delivers thousands of amusement park and attractions industry buyers from more than 65 countries. If you want to influence key decision makers and buyers in the Asian amusement parks and attractions industry, your best opportunity is at Asian Attractions Expo 2017.

Connect with more than 6,000 buyers from: Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, Attractions, Water Parks, Family Entertainment, Centers, Casinos, Resorts, Museums, Aquariums, Zoos and more.



DEAL has developed into an unrivaled platform that gathers exhibitors, buyers, and professionals from the international amusement and entertainment industry. Do not miss one of the world’s most important meeting points for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, entrepreneurs, executives, technologists and professionals in the entertainment and amusement industry. Major international companies in Amusement, Attractions and Entertainment business participate and present their products and concepts. More than 35 product categories in Amusement, Leisure, Entertainment segments with Manufacturers, Distributors, Media and service providers exhibit alongside the leading Amusement Associations from all over the world. It will be held from 27th – 29th March 2017 at Dubai World Trade Centre, United Arab Emirates.



Since 1994, the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association Inc (AALARA), has connected industry business owners, operators and professionals within the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation industry. The Association educates and trains its members to achieve standards of excellence and professionalism in business ethics, operations and practices.

The association’s aim is also to promote and safeguard the interests of its members whilst being a relevant source of information on industry trends and statistics in the business of fun. AALARA, being the peak national body for the amusement, leisure and recreation industry in Australia provides a united Industry voice within government and community. Learn more

AALARA is the peak national body representing the amusement, leisure and recreation industry of Australia. AALARA has particular responsibilities in the areas of safety, operations and management within these industries.


Arihant has been a regular participant in these exhibitions and you can very well meet us at any of the above exhibitions. Also we are members of IAAPA and AALARA which means it will be easy catching up with us at these two exhibitions as we are regular visitors.

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World’s Best Water Parks that we have worked with

Wherever you head to this New Year, nothing will bring more joy than enjoying a splash into a water park with the entire family. Arihant Water Park Equipment has worked with a majority of renowned water parks around the world, so whichever water park you are planning on; there is a high possibility that Arihant Water Park Equipment might have utilized its expertise in conceptualizing, theming or installing a water play structure that you are about to enjoy.

Since it is impossible to talk about all the water parks and projects that we have been associated with, we plan to keep it short and here is a list consisting of the biggest water parks that we have had the opportunity to work with. We highly recommend that you visit one of them for a fun filled family outing.

  1. Dreamer Park, Thailand

Dreamer Park - Thailand.jpg

With the area of about 32,000 square meters, Dreamer Water Park is situated by the main street, Suwannasorn, only a few kilometers away from Thailand-Cambodia border in Aranyaprathet, Sakeaw province. Not only with a large parking space in front of the Water Park itself, all rides and slides inside are up to the safety standard to ensure visitors with zero fear factor. In addition, numerous well-trained lifeguards are available on the spots to guarantee for double safety precaution. Having one of the longest Lazy River, an extra huge Kids Zone, a variety of Food and Drinks stalls, and air-conditioned Cabana, Dreamer Water Park is one of the best family leisure destinations in the region.

  1. Sunset Aquapark, Bulgaria

Sunset aquapark 2.JPG

Sunset Aquapark is the largest Water Park in Bulgaria. Boasting 32 water slides, in addition to a range of facilities and entertainment performance places; it as one of the top aqua parks in Europe. There are plenty of options between the various areas to enjoy such as a range of different water slides, attractions suitable for young children, play areas along with plus plenty of green areas for sunbathing and relaxation.

  1. Jukupark, Finland


The vast outdoor JukuPark is Turku’s newest family attraction which is situated close to the Impivaara swimming pool and sports ground just 3 km from the centre of Turku.The 2.5 hectare complex have lots of fabulous water slides which you can descend on tires, a speed mat or in the traditional way.There are also large heated pools, pleasant sunbathing areas, grill-restaurants, kiosks and terraces that one can choose from to ensure that fun never ends.

We can assure you that the above mentioned water parks will definitely give you the adrenaline rush needed coupled with the fun-filled family time where everyone has a jolly good time.

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5 must try water slides this Christmas season

It’s time to rejoice! Christmas is finally upon us as we begin the countdown to the most exciting time of the year. This is the time when food, parties and fun will unite families around the world. Each family has a tradition set around the Holidays. While it is true that nostalgia forms an integral part of the holiday magic, wouldn’t it be fun to try something totally new?

Are you ready to start a Christmas tradition that the whole family will enjoy? Then a day at the water park is the perfect getaway for you. Your family will love the fun things to do while they ‘soak’ in the adventure.

Here’s a list of some exclusive slides by Arihant water park equipment that can make your Christmas merrier:

  1. Aqua funnel: It is a cone shaped circular funnel in which the riders ride on a float entering through a tunnel to experience a momentary Zero-Gravity. Experience the exciting oscillations of an Aqua funnel at AdlabsAquamagica India, GRS fantasy park India, Krushnai water park India and make most of the festive season.aqua-funnel
  2. Spider slide:It is a highly competitive multilane mat slide which descends through high speed enclosed tubes that spiral alongside each other into a surprise drop as riders compete with each other to be the fastest in town. You can enjoy the slide in Dreamer ParkThailand, Ocean park ha long bay Vietnam and in GRS fantasy park, India. Watch the video here:
  3. Spider Slide.jpg
  4. Crusader slide: A U-shaped slide where the riders enter the slide through a float tube and experience a free fall after which they go uphill before exiting from the back of the slide.This thrilling ride is installed at Jukuparkturku Finland, HalmstadAventysland Sweden, Laura beach waterpark Cyprus, AquaparkKoblevo Ukraine, Mekasari water park Indonesia amongst the many.Crusader Slide.jpg
  5. Float tornado:This is a slide in which the riders enter a bowl sliding through a tunnel slide and exit through another tunnel slide after taking turns in the bowl.HalmstadAventysland Sweden, Laura beach waterpark Cyprus, Crazy castle water park India are the some of the places where you can enjoy the ride.Float Tornado.jpg
  6. Aqua Disc: The patented attraction is equipped with disco lights along with acoustics for proper sound circulation and flowing water in the form of shower giving the visitors a fun filled rain dance experience. Watch the video here: unnamed

The best part is that these signature slides are carefully crafted and designed by the engineers of Arihant water park equipment. Till date Arihant has had a privilege of working on over 450+ projects and in 53+ countries.So pull out the swim wear and enjoy this season in a different way and make it the most memorable holiday of the year.


A water park is one of the most visited places when it comes to leisure and entertainment. Ideally a water park has attractions ranging from Thrill rides to family slides to kids play area making it popular amongst people of all ages and walks of life. But a waterpark is not just a place for fun but also makes for a very profitable business.

Industry statistics say that the amusement park industry is on a rise and currently the Indian amusement park sector is valued at USD400 million (INR25 billion)1. This is still a nascent stage as compared to the USD25 billion (INR1675 billion) global amusement park segment1. Hence the sector is looking ahead towards a transition and thereby steady growth in the next 5 years wherein industry experts have projected it to reach INR 60 billion by 20201. This thus serves as a great platform for the businesses or entrepreneurs wanting to start a profitable venture or for pure investment purposes.

Having said that waterpark is a very profitable business, it is also one of those who require huge investments. Apart from the investments, the project requires comprehensive feasibility study and adherence to legal and quality and safety requirements to be follow in order to proceed for a smooth functioning. Below we have listed 5 steps which you need to double check while setting a waterpark to attract greater footfalls and translating into higher revenues.

Step 1: Identification of location

The first step involves identification of location for setting up the waterpark.The park can either be in the city or in the outskirts. The location should be such that it is accessible from major city areas and can be reached without any hassles.If the park is located in the outskirts, then the ease of transporting to the location should be checked as it often has huge impact on the footfalls.

Step 2: Deciding on the size of waterpark

After identifying the location, the next step is to decide on the size of waterpark that you want to set. This also depends on the funds and investment that you are willing to do at that stage. Ideally a small waterpark can be set up in 0.5 acre to 2 acre, medium waterpark in 2-5 acre land whereas a large waterpark will require anywhere above 5 acres of land.

Step 3: Acquisition of land

After zeroing on the location, you need to check if the land is a NA plot i.e. a non-agricultural land. You also need to check if there can be provision made for parking as most visitors will be travelling to the park in their own vehicle. One also needs to decide on whether they wish to have restaurants in the waterpark as there too have certain legal requirements to be followed.

Step 4: Complete legal requirements for waterpark

Post-acquisition of the land, there are certain pre-requisites, no objection certificated (NOC) and legal requirements for clearing the land and proceeding towards the waterslides level. The certificates to be arranged for are:

  • Certificate from the Collector for non-agricultural land
  • NOC from the Electrical Inspector
  • NOC from the Health Officer
  • NOC from the Chief Fire Officer
  • Certificate from MTNL
  • NOC from PWD
  • NOC from the Collector
  • Structural stability certificate from the Architect
  • Entertainment Act License
  • Police License
  • Food Adulteration Department NOC
  • Certificate from the Food Safety Standard Authority of India
  • Public Performance License for Music

Step 5: Contract to waterpark manufactures

Once the requisites are cleared, the next step involves in meeting and joining hands with a well-known water slide manufacturer and supplier. They will guide you throughout the process and execute the designing, theming and slide manufacturing and installation of the slides. The slides manufactured are required to be of certain standards and companies following the latest TUV guidelines should only be contacted for the job. Arihant water park equipment has been a preferred waterslide manufacturer and supplierfor over 3 decades and has completed around 450+ projects across the globe. Contacting such premium supplies will save you a lot of later work and assuring the safety of the rides. Beware of the cheap and dubious manufacturers who will initially agree to do the project for 1/3rd cost but will fail to deliver quality and finished projects with poor execution.

The waterslide manufacturers will guide you with the following:

  • Layout & Design of the waterpark
  • Commercial for the park
  • 3D & Sketch
  • Final layout and drawing
  • Load & electricity details
  • Manufacturing
  • Dispatch
  • Installation
  • Inspection / Trials
  • Final Handover

Post completion of these stages, you waterpark is ready for the grand launch and to mesmerize guests with the fun and thrill slides.

If you are planning to setup your dream waterpark, get in touch with us to know more and turn your dream into reality. Click to know more.


  1. India Amusement Parks – Opportunities Galore published by AnandRathi Associates on December. 2015, accessed on 16 February 2016.

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Arihant Water Park Equipment’s signature slides

Established in the year 1978, Arihant Water Park Equipment is one of India’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of premium range of Water Park Equipment. We have been effective in serving a broad variety of high-quality products, such as Body Slides, Float Slides, and Thriller Slides due to our dedicated factory spread on an area of 360000 sq.ft. Our extensive array of equipment have earned us a great repute in the challenging market conditions for its proposed quality, high rider’s capacity, precise dimensions, excellent covering, and weather resistant, stain resistant and long lasting functionality. Furthermore, owing to our competitive price structure, we have been able to penetrate into the global market as a force to be reckoned with.

Our client’s trust in us has encouraged us to arrive at this pioneering status. Indeed, our technology-oriented infrastructure helps us to strengthen our hard-working workforce. This helps us in producingfinest quality of products. Moreover, we understand that our innovative products are the key differentiator in our operational distinction, which marks the difference. Our effort thus produces finest attractions which have gained accolades worldwide.

Apart from the traditional products which are must haves for any water park, we also have a few signature water structures that give us an edge over other manufacturers and elevate even the simplest of water park.

  1. Aquadisc
  2. Aqua funnel
  3. Bowl n bowl
  4. Spider Slide
  5. Crusader slide
  6. Float tornado

Aquadisc:It isour patented water structureand isexclusively available onlywith us. The entire structure is equipped with disco lights along with acoustics for proper sound circulation and flowing water in the form of shower giving the visitors a fun filled rain dance experience. To keep everyone pumped up, high voltage music accompanied by lighting forms a perfect combination making it an instant crowd favorite. The area can also be a great place for hosting themed birthday parties, wedding and beach parties.

Aqua funnel: It is a cone shaped circular funnel in which the riders ride in a float entering through a tunnel to experience a momentary Zero-Gravity experience. The centrifugal forces keeping them high on wall for several turns after a series of exciting oscillations through the funnel, riders descend through the closed tunnel landing into the pool.

Bowl N’ Bowl: It comprises of two circular bowls in which the rider rides on a float. The two bowls are connected by a tunnel, the one through which the rider enters into the second bowl. The centrifugal force keeps the rider on the walls and after several turns, rider enters the tunnel from the first bowl and into the second one and once again after a few turns ends in a small pool or a safe landing area.

Spider slide: It is a highly competitive multilane mat slide which descends through high speed enclosed tubes that spiral alongside each other into a surprise drop as riders compete with each other to be the fastest. The slide is available with special skylight effects creating an unique experience for the riders.

Crusader slide:  A U-shaped slide where the riders enter the slide through a float tube and experience a free fall after which they go uphill before exiting from the back of the slide

Float tornado: This is a slide in which the riders enter a bowl sliding through a tunnel slide and exit through another tunnel slide after taking turns in the bowl.

Ourteam of skilled engineers has conceptualized these unique fun slides just to give an extra adrenaline rush to the guests.

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