How To Prepare For A Day At The Water Park?

Planning to escape from the daily hustle and bustle? If yes, then a visit to the water park is surely what you need! It not only relieves you from stress but also lifts up your mood & gives you unforgettable memories. From offering thrilling water slides and eye-catchy attractions to serving piping hot yummy food to the hungry guests, water parks have something to offer for everyone. You can visit a water park in any season you want and it will provide you with ultimate adventure, fun and memories.Despite all the excitement and thrill a water park gives, the day when you actually plan to visit can go sour if you are not properly prepared for it.


While preparing for a visit to the water park, people often forget many important things and end-up making a mess of their entire day. Here are some very important tips to prepare you for an entire day at the water park:

Making a list of all the things you need for your day at the water park will help you enjoy your day to the fullest. Familiarizing yourself with the regulations of the water park is the most important thing to do initially before starting with your packing. Read all the rules of the water park on their website/brochure regarding dress code, locker facility, bringing your own food and drink into the park etc. You can always opt for making a list of questions beforehand and then contact their customer care department to help solve your queries. Once you know how to comply, you can pack appropriately and not waste time packing things you aren’t allowed to take to the water park.

Let’s start with the things to carry at the water park.

  1. First and utmost important thing to carry is a good sunscreen lotion. You should also reapply it frequently, after getting in the water and especially after riding body slides.
  2. The next important thing is choosing and packing appropriate swimsuits for everyone. Water parks usually don’t allow guests to go into the water without proper swimwear. Avoid wearing swimsuits with buttons or zippers, as some water parks do not allow wearing them since they can damage certain slides.
  3. If you are visiting the park with infants or toddlers then swim diapers are must avoid yourself from paying a premium at the water park’s gift shop.
  4. Getting into raft rides without goggles can be a very wrong decision. Wearing goggles while riding into these slides gives the shield to your eyes from getting splashed. Also, a pair of goggles with a hat is an ideal combination to sway around in a wave pool or while floating in the lazy river.
  5. Wearing flip flops, water socks or plastic shoes for walking around the park should always be considered as the concrete surfaces in the park can become unbearable during the afternoon.
  6. Packing towels for everyone along with the swimsuits will be the best thing to do as you don’t want to bet on the clean towels water parks provide.

Some of the To-do’s are as follows:

  1. Leaving your cellphone at home unless you want to risk water damage or loss of your cell phone.
  2. Jewelry and other valuables should be left at home as well as you can’t wear them and lockers aren’t always as secure as you might think.
  3. To click pictures with that oceanic view is all that ladies need, but considering taking a camera which is waterproof to the water park would be a wise decision.

While having a wonderful fun time with your squad, safety should always be there at the back of your mind. Unnecessary stunts, diving, pushing each other should be avoided. Young children should wear a lifesaving device at all times.Parents and guardians should always supervise young children around the pools, lazy river, wave pool and all other water attractions. You should always check the safety signage displayed at each ride or direct your questions to the ride operators to ensure complete safety. As you will not be carrying your cell phone, you should set up a designated meeting spot when you arrive in case anyone gets lost. Drinking plenty of water at intervals is always recommended to prevent you from sun strokes and unnecessary exhaustion from screaming aloud in all the thrilling slides. Also, fried and oily foods before leaving for the water park should be avoided as you are expected to perform many physical activities at the park. During the lunchtime too, you should avoid eating heavy meals. You should go light on the food you consume to enjoy every ride and attractions.

Many unexpected scenarios can occur during your visit to the park. Also, many rides will have an age and/or height requirement so don’t get upset and spoil your mood. Most of the humongous slides at the water park will expect you to climb stairs, so be prepared for that.

These tips will keep you well prepared for your day at the water park but the most important tip is that you should have a great time!


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