Maintaining Your Water Parks

Screenshot_2Today most of the water park owners make it a point that their parks are well equipped with the latest slides and water play structures that are introduced in the market. Often park owners see the installation procedure as the important part. But what they really should focus on is the maintenance of these exciting slides which can invariantly increase their return on investment and continue to reward them handsomely if done right.

Proper maintenance of your water park is the most vital element to extend the life of your water park equipments. Keeping a check of the slide maintenance with appropriate planning can prevent your equipments from losing their luster and patrons over time. Irregular maintenance of your water park slides can cause severe damages to it and over time can decrease the lifespan of your equipment and hamper the safety of your guests.

The best way to keep your slide looking great for years is to start protecting it from day one. Put together a schedule which includes details of ordering parts, organizing labor and planning out important dates for checks. This will allow you to stay organized and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

The maintenance of your water park equipment ensures that:

  • There is no leakage in the slides or equipment.
  • The maintenance also keeps the smoothening of the joint gaps
  • Cleanliness of the surface: When you don’t clean the pool, water slides or any equipment for a month, slime gets developed on the surface of the equipments which makes it a risk-prone factor for your water park. Maintenance helps to keep the surface of your slides and equipments clean, which reduces the chance of anyone accidentally slipping and having a fall


The visitors who come to your water park are always looking for leisure, clean and comfortable environment, where they can have a good time with their families without any hassles. No or irregular maintenance at your water park makes it look less organized and end up directing your visitors towards the competitors. To help avoid such a thing from happening, following maintenance points should be focused on to increase the life expectancy of the slides to ensure that your water park is 100% operational –

Steps to be followed on the Daily basis:

  1. Check the slide joints for any dirt. Apply joint filling substance if required before letting water into the slides
  2. Check the sliding surfaces for any cracks or elements which would disrupt the ride

Weekly checks:

  1. Clean the strainers which are installed at the entrance of the pump
  2. Control the surface levels, water leakage and the metal construction as the nuts and bolts can loosen by the result of the dynamic loads

Monthly checks:

  1. Clean the calcification on the riding surfaces
  2. Change the rusty nuts and bolts if any. Control the painted metal construction (for the painted metals)

Annually checks:

  1. All the fiberglass components to be checked and cleaned from the dirt, scaling etc
  2. Conduct trials with experienced lifeguards before opening the park to visitors and check for any faults before opening for new season.

We hope that the above mentioned steps come in handy next time when you go about cleaning the slides and play structures. If you have questions about any specific slide or a play structure, kindly mention them in the comments section or write us at and we will be happy to help.


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