Innovative Water Slides Of Today

Water slide manufacturers have come a long way when it comes to designing water slides to meet the entertainment needs of the visitors. With each passing year, there comes along someone who pushes the bar to come up with the most innovative design to quench the thirst of thrill seekers. At the same time, there is someone already working on a water slide design which is expected to hit the bull’s eye. Ultimately it is up to the thrill seekers to decide and rate the ones which they feel is the best. Manufacturers today don’t just stop at traditional play structures, but pride themselves with diversity and ingenuity. With that being said, let’s have a look at the most unconventional water slide designs that one can expect to come across in a water park.

  1. Aqua Funnel:


It’s a cone-shaped circular funnel in which the riders ride in a raft entering through a tunnel to experience a momentary zero-gravity experience. The centrifugal forces keeps the riders high on the wall for several turns and after a series of exciting oscillations through the funnel they descend through the closed tunnel landing into the pool.

  1. Super Loop:

Super Loop Slide

SUPER LOOP is the most thrilling and exciting slides for the high Adeline rush lovers. The rider starts the slide with sudden drop from the top via a chamber and moves in hi-speed slide with a flat turn at the bottom and reaches at the end with a wow factor.

  1. Torpedo:


Torpedo is our latest giant ride which has a rugby shape structures from where the rider passes through with sudden turns and twists while going under the domes experiencing high thrill.

  1. Adventura:


A multi-level adventure zone with some 16-24 exciting elements of activities for young one and the Adenine Junkies, It has series of tasks to be performed by an individual while getting drenched with water showers, sprinklers and falling to pools at ground level while being tied up with a harness.

  1. Aqua Disc:


Patented by Arihant, the entire structure is equipped with disco lights along with acoustics for proper sound circulation and flowing water in the form of shower giving the visitors a fun-filled rain dance experience. To keep everyone pumped up, high voltage music accompanied by lighting forms a perfect combination making it an instant crowd favorite.

  1. Aqua Attakk:

Aqua Attakk is the new age game with the effects of water rides. It has multiple boats for the patrons to experience the game. Each boat is multi-seated with water shooting gun, display and power source. Patrons shoot each target point in order to score more while the boat takes them through the entire area. Available in exciting themes and can be customized as per the clients’ requirements.

Above list we believe will definitely give visitors a lifetime worth of adrenaline rush. We recommend that everyone who is a water park enthusiast to at least once experience the adrenaline rush of the above water slides and play structures.

Find more details on innovative water slides here.

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